Our Seamless Approach

Together we discuss what it is that you are trying to accomplish, be it a kitchen extension, a separate family room, a quiet reading room, or any other of a hundred reasons for adding a room to your house.

We sit with you and analyze all the different ways of accomplishing the task. We talk in terms of room size, room shape, furniture placement, architectural profile, and any other relevant information pertinent to the project.

Based on the discussions in Phase 1, a rendering is created and all aspects of the proposed room are once again examined. Concepts are tweaked and changed to suit what is discussed. This may take several rounds of discussions and changes.
Once the concept, the cost, and the architectural look are agreed upon, a contract that everyone understands incorporating all that was discussed drawn up, signed by both parties, and executed.

Upon signing of the contract, your project is engineered and designed to meet or exceed all current codes. The drawings are stamped (by a licenced structural engineer) for structural integrity. The room is mechanically designed (electrical, heating and cooling) to meet or exceed all current codes and standards. Your project is then submitted to your local building department in order to obtain a Building Permit.

Once the Building Permit is obtained, we manufacture and deliver all the components to your home. At the same time, we assign one of our Licensed Experienced crews to your project.

Once the crew arrives on site, they do not leave your property until the entire job is done. They are not given a second project until their current project is completed. Most projects take 1 to 4 weeks of construction.

Our Glass

In a solarium, 95% of the room is composed of glass.
Clearly, the single most important item in the room.

Must Have Solarium Features

Reflect Radiant Heat

1 The glass must reflect a sizable portion of the radiant heat. If it doesn’t you will be living in a sauna.

Reflect UV Light

2 The glass must reflect a minimum of 90% of the Ultra Violet Light. This serves two purposes. It protects your furniture from fading and protects you from the harmful effects of the sun.


3 The glass (especially important in the roof), must be self-cleaning. If not then you will be constantly looking at dirt, or you will constantly be cleaning the glass.

"Thermally Broken"

4 For our northern climate, all structural members (roof and walls) must be "thermally broken". If this is not the case then the cold from the exterior will conduct itself through the metal into the room and create a potential condensation issue.