Who doesn’t want to enjoy the warmth and brightness of the sunlight while being inside? We all do. If you are planning to invest in more additional living space, construct sunrooms, solariums, conservatories in your patio area. They are the best way to transform the outdoor indoors. Sky Eagle Solutions will help each customer revamp their indoors by designing solariums and sunrooms, constructing, repairing, and providing additional solutions for residential and commercial spaces alike.

Beautiful Design Sunrooms and Solariums in Mississauga

Want to spend the day in leisure soaking up the sun with a good book in hand? Sunroom Mississauga is your best option. With premium-quality materials, Sky Eagle Solutions designs and installs superior quality sunrooms that will last you a lifetime on residential and commercial buildings.

Types of sunrooms

These rooms are also known as solarium or conservatories, usually attached to the home or accessible from the inside. There are built as an additional living spacer and are perfect for mild weather. As they are not hooked on any heating or cooling machines, they are not the safest place to be in the harsh summer or winter season.
Four-season room
Perfect for all weathers as they are hooked with cooling or heating systems.
Attached greenhouse
These rooms are designed and constructed to keep plants and have the same basic structure and shell construction as four-season and sunrooms.
Screen room or porch
A budget-friendly option for sunrooms with mesh-screen windows allowing fresh air without problematic insects creeping in; perfect for mild seasons.

Sunroom materials

  • Vinyl: The most popular, inexpensive, minimum maintenance cost and provides strength and insinuation. They are multi-walled and have aluminum or galvanized steel as internal reinforcement.
  • Aluminum: These are expensive and usually installed as the roof structure but not good insulators.
  • Wood: The most expensive choice for structural material and are perfect for screen rooms.

What is Solariums

Solariums are one type of sunroom which are completely made of glass with glass roof and glass windows. This allows sunlight to enter the indoors as much as possible so anyone can soak up the sun while being indoors without having to deal with pests, snow, wind, rain, and debris.

We offer two types of Solarium Mississauga: the straight-eave solarium and curved-eave solarium. We construct every solarium with cooling and heating systems so they can be used all year round.

What is a Four Seasons Sunroom?

Four seasons sunrooms are perfect for all-year-round usage and are built as an extension of our indoors and not separated by doors. A type of sunroom enclosed by glass, allowing breathtaking floor-to-ceiling views of the outside. The windows are not built from ceiling to flooring as wiring and HVAC ducts are installed in a knee wall that resembles the wainscoting below the windows. Read more.

These types of sunrooms are more premium quality than three seasons sunrooms as we comply with local building standards and codes. These rooms feature multiple panes filled with Argon gas to reduce thermal transfer. The cost to design and construct varies depending upon the size of the room, materials used, and local construction standards. Get a Free Cost Estimate.

Benefits of Sunroom / Solarium construction or remodeling

  • Increase property value: This addition or upgrade definitely is a profitable investment for homeowners. Potential buyers are easily impressed with sunrooms as they are easy to maintain, made of durable materials, energy-efficient and perfect for indoor relaxing and parties while keeping in touch with the outdoors.
  • Helps with the seasonal affective disorder: 4-6% of the world’s population are suffering from SAD. SAD makes one depressed due to a specific season. With Sky Eagle Sunrooms and Solariums, one would not have to worry about blinds and windows for brightness all year round.
  • Lower blood pressure: A study shows that those soaking sunlight in sunrooms were exposed to UVA rays and had lower blood pressure, lowered chances of heart attack and stroke.
  • A daily dose of vitamin D: While being in the sunroom you can enjoy your daily dose of sunshine vitamin aka Vitamin D without taking vitamin supplements. It boosts better immune systems, aids weight loss, reduces depression, and fights off diseases.
  • Anti-stress room: Sunrooms and solariums are perfect for reading, relaxing, partying, dinner parties, doing yoga, growing indoor plants, kids playing without having to deal with rain, snow, insects, etc.
  • Perfect for plants: These rooms are perfect for indoor plants. These indoor plants are known to boost mood, better indoor air quality, and reduce stress.

Solarium or Sunroom - Which is the Best Option for Me?

Sunrooms and solariums are quite similar in structure and design. We are ready to take you all through it all as each customer has different personal preferences and housing needs. These things will help you decide which one to go for. Speak with out expert 844 759 7666 to know best option.

  • Purpose of the room: Sunrooms are typically made of glass but not entirely, this will give you the idea of being outside without dealing with the adversities of the outside. They have a custom porch or patio which you can access with installed doors and are equipped with HVAC and vinyl wall systems. While solarium rooms are made of glass from top to bottom making sunlight easily accessible from the indoors. So, it can be used as a greenhouse.
  • Cost: Solariums are almost double the price of sunrooms as glass prices hike the construction price and are high maintenance too. But sunrooms provide a higher return on investments and have better warranties.
  • Pros and cons of solarium: solariums provide an uninterrupted view of the outside. But to enjoy the outside view from the inside, regular maintenance of glass is needed to get rid of pollen, bird droppings, and leaves. Homeowners need to install insulators and custom blinds on roofs and walls to enjoy the warmth and reduce maintenance costs.
  • Pros and cons of sunrooms: With thermos insulated solid roof, proper construction, and fully functional windows, sunrooms can be used all through the years. They are equipped with screens, low maintenance, give a partial view of the outside with desired enclosure providing privacy.