Sky Eagle Sunrooms offers a variety of sunroom addition and renovation services in Burlington, ON, and the surrounding areas. We are dedicated professionals in all aspects of residential and commercial property expansions and renovations, from concept to completion. Our Burlington sunroom staff works directly with our customers to realize their sunroom dreams! We can help you select a gorgeous sunroom, solarium, conservatory, and a comprehensive home remodel or addition that matches your budget and lifestyle.

Here are some of the other advantages you can enjoy when you hire Sky Eagle Sunrooms, commercial or residential addition solutions, or renovation projects:

  • Sunrooms, expansions, and renovations for homes and businesses are our specialty.
  • We hire experienced carpenters and installers.
  • Free design consultations are available in your home or on-site.
  • For project inspiration, visit our lovely showroom and design center.
  • Our facility custom manufactures all of our sunroom, expansion, and remodeling materials.
  • Our consultants are well-informed and helpful.
  • We handle the entire process.
  • Our dedicated specialists will accomplish your one-of-a-kind project on schedule and within budget.

Our Burlington sunroom experts have years of experience and utilize only the most proven methods and technology to install time-tested items that will precisely compliment your home or office setting.

Designer Solariums and Sunrooms Addition Burlington, ON

Want to make your house more elegant? There's no better choice than a Sky Eagle Sunrooms’ solarium, patio enclosure, or sunroom. As you bask in the sun's warmth, without ever leaving the coziness of your house, your home will instantly feel more opulent. We have an option that will suit your home.

  1. Straight Roof Studio Sunrooms
  2. With a glass sunroom from Sky Eagle sunrooms, you may enjoy the changing seasons without leaving your favorite chair. Sleek, elegant lines elevate the sophistication and design of your house, offering both beauty and usefulness.

  1. Curved Roof Studio Sunrooms
  2. Our Curved Sunrooms and Solarium Burlington have supple lines that add an elegant touch to your home while enhancing your energy savings. You'll have an essential and attractive addition to your home for years with this.

  1. Soaring Cathedral Sun Rooms and Patio Enclosures
  2. One of the many reasons to consider a Cathedral Roof Sunroom is the beautiful lines that will radically alter the light and space in your house. Your living room is opened up by vaulted ceilings, which provide magnificent views of the natural surroundings.

  1. Sleek Aluminum Sunrooms and Conservatories
  2. For decades, aluminum has been the standard in glazed buildings and is still the structural material of choice for most sunrooms manufactured today. The aluminum structures of all Four Seasons sunrooms are "thermally enhanced" to limit the chance of outside temperatures reaching internal surfaces, keeping your space warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

  1. The Four Seasons' New Hampton Room
  2. The Hampton Room by Four Seasons is the epitome of sleek sophistication and modern luxury, and it will significantly improve the style and efficiency of your house. The Hampton Room is an attractive investment in the future of your home that will make your neighbors envious.

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Get Your Four Seasons Sunrooms in Burlington, ON

A four-season sunroom, like a porch, can be attached to the house's construction or stand-alone (detached). Some of the advantages of adding a four-season sunroom include:

Natural light is incorporated into four-season sunrooms.

Sunrooms are essentially a barrier between the outside and the inside, and because of the abundant natural light, they are ideal for all types of vegetation and foliage.

Four-season sunrooms add space and function.

A four-season sunroom extension is ideal for family get-togethers, special occasions, or relaxing. People are naturally drawn to the distinctiveness of a sunroom.

A four-season sunroom is ideal for working from home.

Many people nowadays telecommute and work from home. A four-season sunroom is an ideal location for a home office. The atmosphere is highly inspiring, and it has the potential to push anyone to be more focused on their work and hence more productive.

They're a room for "every reason."

Adding a four-season sunroom may fit practically any need or want, whether you want a pleasant spot for the family to gather, a soothing spa-like getaway, or a private place for afternoon tea with a good book.

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Choosing Between Sunroom and Solarium

The structure and design of sunrooms and solariums are similar. We are prepared to walk you through the entire process, as each customer has unique preferences and housing requirements. Speak with one of our experts to determine the best choice.

Purpose of the room: Sunrooms are often built of glass, but not entirely, to give you the feeling of being outside without coping with the elements. They have a custom porch or patio accessible through installed doors and HVAC and vinyl wall systems. On the other hand, Solarium rooms are completely glass from top to bottom, making sunlight easily accessible from inside. As a result, it can serve as a greenhouse.

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Cost: Solariums are nearly twice as expensive as sunrooms due to rising glass prices, and they require a lot of upkeep. On the other hand, Sunrooms offer a better return on investment and come with better warranties.

Solarium Pros and Cons: Solariums allow an uninterrupted view of the outside. However, regular glass maintenance is required to remove pollen, bird droppings, and leaves to appreciate the outside view. To enjoy the warmth while lowering maintenance costs, homeowners could install insulators and bespoke blinds on their roofs and walls.

Sunroom Pros and Cons: Sunrooms can be used for many years with a thermally insulated solid roof, adequate construction, and fully operable windows. They include screens, are minimal maintenance, and provide a partial view of the outside with the required enclosure for privacy.

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Get Your Solarium and Sunroom Repairs in Burlington

We can fix your old, leaking solarium and repair any sunroom made in Canada. The following are the repairs done by our firm.

Solarium and Sunroom Repairs

✓ Leaking solariums and recaulks

✓ Fogged and damaged glass are replaced.

✓ Replace your windows and doors
(vinyl, wood, or fiberglass)

✓ Best solarium glass manufacturers in Canada
are supplied and installed.

Solarium Structural Damage Repair

✓ Solarium base wall removal and repair Solarium

✓ New wood - straightforward cedar structure framing design

✓ Glass replacement

✓ Repairing Damaged Structures

✓ Replacement of Doors and Windows

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