A solarium, sunroom, atrium, or greenhouse can significantly increase your backyard living space. If so, let our Oakville solarium, sunroom, and conservatories contractors design and build a new custom constructed sunroom or solarium for you. Consult Sky Eagle Sunrooms to make your new addition as helpful as possible while blending perfectly into the natural scenery.

A simple phone call to your solarium and sunroom specialists usually results in an on-site consultation. They will ensure that your new solarium, sunroom, or atrium, as they are also known, meets your expectations. There are so many sunroom manufacturers to select from that it can be tough to decide which one to install.

Why Use Sunrooms and Solariums Additions?

Sunrooms are a great way to improve your lifestyle while increasing the value of your home. They are attached to the inside of the house, and they're used as extra living spacers in moderate weather. Solariums are sunrooms with a glass roof and windows. It lets in as much sunlight as possible, allowing everyone to enjoy the sun without pests, snow, wind, rain, or trash. We provide two types of solariums: straight-eave and curved-eave. Every solarium has cooling and heating systems to be utilized year-round.

Our English-Style Conservatories replicate classical architectural designs with maintenance-free and energy-efficient modern structures. Choose from exquisite Victorian or Grand Georgian conservatory models in various sizes and shapes. Adding one of our conservatories to your home will add character and structure.

Custom Design Four Seasons Sunrooms and Solariums in Oakville, ON

Four-season sunrooms are perfect for year-round use as an extension of our interior area—a glass-enclosed sunroom with floor-to-ceiling views of nature. Unlike wainscoting, built from ceiling to floor, wiring and HVAC ducts are put in a knee wall. The cost of designing and creating a room varies depending on its size, materials, and local construction regulations. Read more.

Want to turn your screen room into a patio? Our Oakville company can gladly convert your existing screen room into a year-round room extension that you can heat and cool. Before that, let us learn more about solarium.

In a solarium, there are glass walls. An all-glass building is frequently added to an existing home to maximize natural light and provide a sense of nature. Solariums Oakville comes in many shapes depending on the glass used (curved or straight). They usually have window holes and blind tracks to help with insulation. It's a year-round space.

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What are the Benefits of Sunroom / Solarium Additions?

Here are some of the benefits of adding a sunroom or solarium to your home.

Increase property value: The addition or upgrade is unquestionably a worthwhile investment for homeowners. Sunrooms are easy to maintain, durable materials, energy-efficient, and ideal for indoor relaxing and parties while keeping in touch with the outdoors, so potential buyers are easily impressed. It helps with seasonal affective disorder (SAD), affecting 4-6 percent of its population. SAD causes depression as a result of a specific season. Sky Eagle Sunrooms and Solariums eliminate the need for blinds and windows to provide year-round illumination.

Lower blood pressure: A study found that people exposed to UVA rays in sunrooms had lower blood pressure and a lower risk of heart attack and stroke.

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A daily dose of vitamin D: If you spend time in the sunroom, you can get your daily dose of vitamin D without taking any supplements. It improves immune systems, assists weight loss, decreases depression, and protects against diseases.

Anti-stress room: Sunrooms and solariums are ideal for reading, relaxing, partying, dinner parties, doing yoga, growing indoor plants, and having children play without worrying about rain, snow, insects, etc.

Plant-friendly: These rooms are ideal for indoor plants. These indoor plants have improved mood, indoor air quality, and lower stress levels.

While a four-season sunroom can be built for personal use, solarium Brampton is used in commercial applications like restaurants, hospitals, and sanatoriums to enjoy the sun without being exposed to the effects of the exterior weather. For solariums, two roof options are available: single slope roof and gable roof. While a single slope roof is economical as it is attached to the building’s highest point of the roof’s slope; making this easier to build.

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Choosing between Sunroom and Solarium

Sunrooms and solariums are structurally similar. We are ready to help you with your unique housing needs. Below are things that will help you choose. Consult our expert for the best option.

The purpose of a sunroom is to give you the feeling of being outside without coping with the elements. They have a custom porch or patio with installed doors, HVAC, and vinyl wall systems. Solarium rooms are composed of glass from top to bottom. So it's a greenhouse.

Solariums cost approximately twice as much to build as sunrooms due to the high cost of glass and maintenance. But sunrooms have more extraordinary warranties and return on investment.

Solariums provide an unobstructed view of the outside. Pollen, bird droppings, and leaves must be removed regularly from the glass to appreciate the inside view. Install insulators and tailored blinds on roofs and walls to enjoy the warmth and save money.

Sunrooms can be utilized for many years with a thermally insulated solid roof, adequate construction, and working windows. They have screens, are inexpensive maintenance, and provide a partial view of the outside while maintaining privacy.

Get Your Solarium and Sunroom Repairs in Oakville

We'd love to hear from you if you need solarium or sunroom repairs in Oakville. Our professional and friendly sunrooms Oakville team will gladly answer any questions you may have about our commercial and residential sunrooms, solariums, conservatories, and total addition solutions and renovations services.

We can fix a leaking solarium over ten years old and repair any Sunroom in Oakville. Our work comes with a documented 2-year warranty on quality, and the manufacturer's warranty is 10 years or more. We specialize in new wood solariums and designs incorporating modern Four Seasons and Heat Mirror glass. The outer structure is flashed with maintenance-free aluminum cupping.

Please make an appointment with us and let us help you get started on your next sunroom, renovation, or addition project in Oakville, whether it's for your home or business.