In need of more living space within your home? Or do you want to indulge in horticulture all year around? We suggest you design and build custom-made Sunrooms, Solariums, Conservatories suited to your needs, style, and budget. Sky Eagle Sunrooms will help you every step of figuring out what suits your aesthetic and budget with our designers and technicians to custom-made indoor structures and additional solutions.

Say bye-bye to pesky bugs and inclement weather! With Sky Eagle Sunrooms and Solariums, you can soak up the warmth and beauty of the outdoors with your loved ones.

Elegant Design Sunrooms and Solariums in Brampton

Let us help you make choice easier by discussing them one by one:

What is Sunroom: AKA ‘sunny room’, architects justifiably call them so as they are made of glass windows or a large glass wall for its inhabitants to enjoy their porch or patio from the enclosure and soak up some sun. Unlike solariums, Sunroom Brampton’s windows are not made of glass but other materials. With many variations to offer, sunrooms can be conventional to modular with advanced sunrooms having HVAC packages and vinyl wall systems to make them more efficient to transform them into Four Season sunrooms or three-season sunrooms to use all year around.

What is Solarium: It is a glass-enclosed porch or patio. Featuring modern architectural genius, it comprises glass roofs and walls. The glass style can be either curved eave or straight which gives solarium Brampton its modern design. They have windows opening and tracks to insulate against temperature changes. It is referred to as a conservatory which can be enjoyed like a four-season sunroom.

Conservatory: A modern conservatory has accessories like ridge crests, finials, decorative gutters, decorative rakes, glass spacers, or crown molding. It can be used as a greenhouse or a sun parlor as a space for indoor gardening, relaxing and entertaining. You can install automation sunshades to control the light and comfort level within the conservatory. As the major part of conduction is made of glass, they require thermal regulation.

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Four Seasons Sunrooms and Solariums in Brampton

Four season sunroom is a thermally engineered room that can be cooled or heated effectively to use all year around. The framing system is available in two variants: vinyl with steel and aluminum reinforcement with aluminum. These framing systems help to control temperature cost-effectively irrespective of weather. We promise to provide each room the structural integrity that surpasses and meets local and natural building codes. It comprises a monorail system with ball-bearing wheels for effortless operation and double-paned glass for better cooling and heating performance. We also offer bronze glass tint for UV protection and all our glass options are tempered for ensuring safety.

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While a four-season sunroom can be built for personal use, solarium Brampton is used in commercial applications like restaurants, hospitals, and sanatoriums to enjoy the sun without being exposed to the effects of the exterior weather. For solariums, two roof options are available: single slope roof and gable roof. While a single slope roof is economical as it is attached to the building’s highest point of the roof’s slope; making this easier to build.

What are the Benefits of Sunroom / Solarium Additions?

  • Adding space and natural light: Four-season sunrooms, sunroom Brampton, patio rooms, and conservatories allow you more space for leisure and entertainment while soaking up the much-needed Vitamin D from the sun.
  • Making the outdoor indoor: Enjoying and reaping the benefits of the beauty, tranquility, and energy of outdoor nature all year round without having to deal with pests, unnecessary intrusions, and inclement weather.
  • Improved lifestyle: From morning coffee to star-gazing, you can enjoy quality time with your loved ones every day.
  • Bespoke elegance: This additional solution opens the flow of your floor plan and creates elegance, drama, and sophistication to your entertaining style.
  • Easy construction: Sunrooms are built efficiently in less amount of time with little to no disruption to your life and home.
  • Room for every season: Whether you envision a sun parlor, gourmet kitchen, bird observatory, greenhouse, attic expansion, dining room, spa room, pool enclosure, or master suite- we can make your vision come alive.
  • Higher real estate value: According to ROI (Return On Investment), sunrooms inflate the real estate value and boost the curb appeal of homes as sunrooms add the square footage of your home. Buyers are always willing to pay extra to enjoy lush nature from enclosed sunrooms.
  • Reduce electricity bill: Sunrooms provide both monetary and lifestyle benefits as you can utilize sunrooms for personal or family-driven space for indoor activities for hours on end using natural sunlight.

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Solarium vs Sunroom - Which is the Best Choice for My Home?

Advantages and disadvantages: Sunrooms require less maintenance and are easier to build, compared to solariums. They can be used for personal space to enjoy a lush patio or porch for stargazing or soaking some Vitamin D. The structure of sunrooms are designed with efficiency as the windows are operable and functional with a device with a thermo-insulated roof for all year round usage. Read more.

Solariums provide an unobstructed view of the outside without having to deal with rain, snow, or pests. But sunrooms do not allow a full view of the outside as it does not have a glass roof, it only offers a surrounding view of the landscape of the backyard.

Solariums come with heavy upkeep as they require regular glass cleaning to rid of dirty bird droppings. You also have to install custom blinds to protect you from the harsh sun. Their roofs also cause seal failure due to which solariums are not energy efficient. Solarium Brampton can not properly connect to homes structurally and architecturally and the glass roof is expensive to build.

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Cost and resale value: While both increases the selling price of the house, one factor that wins sunrooms is the space it offers. Sunrooms have a higher demand as they are cheaper than solariums to install as it makes your interior unique and makes the usable amenity that homebuyers need in their homes. Sunrooms have longer warranties, sometimes lifetime warranties which add value to the home.

Solariums with their hefty price tag, offer you the beauty of the outside world while being inside. It costs almost double to build them depending on the size and type of the room and regular maintenance costs are also steep. The warranty for solariums is limited to ten years and is non-transferable. The glass replacement cost, the procedure of the roof and curved glasses raise the cost price a notch higher.

Get Solarium and Sunroom Repairs in Brampton

The additional solutions we offer after designing and building the Sunrooms, Solariums, Conservatories are:

  • Recaulking for solarium seal failure
  • Glass replacement for fogged or damaged glass
  • Installing windows and doors of various materials like fiberglass, wood, vinyl.
  • Supplying and installing the best fiberglass in Canada and USA.
  • Base wall removal and repair for aluminum framing system of solariums.
  • New wood framing structure design
  • Structural damage repairing service
  • Maintenance and upkeep service
  • We can repair old and leaking solarium, fix any sunroom manufactured in North America.